Professor Lebbeus Woods January 21, 2012

I’ll use the occasion of Professor Rustow’s pointed, clarifying remarks in response to my comments, to express my disappointment with my faculty colleagues. Aside from a bare handful whose posts appear here, they have been entirely absent from our discussions on this website. I find this difficult to understand and even harder to accept.
Most of us are on one or multiple-year contracts, so fear of reprisal for critical remarks (if any exists) affects us all equally. If the absent faculty are “waiting to see which way the wind blows” (a sad possibility), they won’t have much longer to wait, as the Board of Trustees will be voting on the imposition of tuition in a month or so, after which time our discussions will become post-facto irrelevancies. The time to make our considered opinions clear to the Board is now. I hope our intelligent and engaged faculty will delay no longer in speaking up and out.
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