Walk-Work-Act-Out: Against Tuition at Cooper Union

Joe Riley November 1, 2011

At 2:00 PM on Wednesday, November 2 students from the Art, Architecture, and Engineering schools at Cooper Union will leave their classes within the Foundation Building and the New Academic Building and meet outside of the Foundation Building and in Peter Cooper Park. Students are encouraged to bring their work, projects, studios, books, ideas, and classes with them to continue working and studying outside.

Resources such as tables, chairs, chalkboards, and electrical power will be provided. However, students are encouraged to bring any and all of their work to share and discuss. We invite professors to join us by holding their classes outside, and also invite any alumni and faculty to participate in the event.

At 6:00 pm participants will enter the Great Hall in the Foundation Building assemble and meet with President Bharucha.

This is an event to raise awareness about the financial state of the Cooper Union, oppose the proposal of a tuition-based model at Cooper, and join together as a community to Work-Out. Please join us in sharing your ideas and discourse on how we may work together as a community to ensure the continuation of the merit-based, full-tuition scholarship at Cooper Union.

Save Cooper Union: Free as Air and Water

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